BSRacing by Baticonsult Is The 2020 GT & Prototype Challenge Champion

BSRacing by Baticonsult Is The 2020 GT & Prototype Challenge Champion

Alain Berg and Alex Cascatau from BSRacing by Baticonsult have realized the double by winning the overall GT & Prototype Challenge title, Berg defending his 2019 title despite moving to the CN class. He and Cascatău are also the 2020 GT & Prototype Challenge CN class champions.

With five wins out of six races, Alain Berg and Romanian Alex Cascatău have become the 2020 GT & Prototype Challenge champions thanks to their mammoth 141-point tally in the CN category. Mathematically, the duo had already bagged the class title at the end of last month’s weekend at Circuit Park Zandvoort but the recent cancellation of the season-ending Zolder round serves to make them the overall GT & Prototype Challenge champions as well. 

In fact, the duo has amassed so many points that they could’ve placed third in the overall Supercar Challenge standings as well but BSRacing by Baticonsult’s Norma M20 FC could only be entered in the standalone GT & Prototype Challenge. Berg has pulled off the double as he was also the 2019 Radical SR3 champion, his dominang string of victories also making him the outright 2019 GT & Prototype Challenge champion. Meanwhile, these two titles are the first for Cascatău since he began racing outside of his native Romania.

How the title was won

BSRacing by Baticonsult graduated to the CN class at the beginning of 2020 when seasoned Radical racer Alain Berg decided he was ready for an even greater challenge. Riding the wave of his successful title assault in 2019, Berg planned for more of the same in 2020, albeit in the competitive CN class, one that’s open to every modern FIA-spec CN prototype out there. 

BSRacing by Baticonsult secured a Norma M20 FC, the most popular CN car for years, and then bolstered its chances of a good showing in the GT & Prototype Challenge by adding Romanian Alex Cascatău to the team. A Belcar and Romanian Endurance Series regular in 2019, Cascatău shone during his first race behind the wheel of a Norma M20 FC as the 27-year-old did the heavy lifting that made a CN-class podium possible for T2 Racing in the 2019 edition of the 24 Hours of Zolder. 

While new to the series and, moreover, to the Dutch courses, Cascatău proved to be a fast learner and was this season’s pacesetter in qualifying grabbing four poles out of four while driving the Norma. Berg was often Cascatău’s equal in race pace proving to also be a very safe pair of hands as the duo was closely matched all year long.

The team converted three of those four poles into race wins during the two consecutive race weekends hosted by TT Circuit Assen, a string of results that put Berg and Cascatău on the path to the title. 

With championship rival Tim Joosen of Deldiche Racing missing the third race weekend at Circuit Park Zandvoort, team BSRacing by Baticonsult fought hard to also win the overall GT & Prototype Challenge despite having to do so in a slower Radical SR3 RSX, Berg’s championship winner from 2019. While the CN class wins were a given at Zandvoort, outright victories were out of reach for the little Radical. It’s also important to note that Cascatău had to learn both Assen and Zandvoort in what can only be described as very tough weather conditions. 

What’s next  

The organizers of the Supercar Challenge and the GT & Prototype Challenge have announced that the proposed season-ending round at Circuit Zolder in Belgium has been called off due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Belgium that prompted the local government to resort to lockdown measures.
This means BSRacing by Baticonsult gets an early start to its 2021 preparations with the team already exploring a myriad of options and looking forward to even bigger challenges which may even include outings outside of the Benelux region in other series. 

2020 Standings 

  1. Alain Berg & Alex Cascatău – BSRacing by Baticonsult – Norma M20 FC – 141 pts
  2. Tim Joosen – Deldiche Racing – Norma M20 FC Turbo – 63 pts
  3. Dominik Dierkes – Revolution Cars – Revolution – 48 pts

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